Dr. Adrien Guenego, MD, MPH

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Dr Adrien Guenego is a neurointerventional surgeon (interventional neuroradiologist) with expertise and skills in advanced interventional and diagnostic neuroradiology (adult and pediatric).

Dr Guenego treats stroke, brain aneurysms, AVMs, dural AVFs, carotid artery stenosis and vertebral body compression using minimally-invasive, image-guided procedures and state-of-the-art technology.

>2500 diagnostic cerebral and spinal angiograms as first-hand (5000 as second-hand); >200 aneurysms (>1000); >350 thrombectomies (>1200); >250 vasospasms (>600); >150 carotid stenting (>400); >15 AVM/AVF performed (>500); >50 superficial malformations (>200); >5500 brain/spine MRI (>9000); >7000 brain/spine CT (>13000) performed;

Vascular radiology, spinal procedures, body imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and interventions, oncology imaging and interventions;

French / English spoken;

Rotation and Training in internationally renowned hospitals : Toulouse France / Rothschild Hospital in Paris France / CHUV in Lausanne Switzerland / Erasme Brussels in Belgium;

Research and medical student rotations at Stanford, Cornell, UCLA USA; .

Master in Health-Care management (2009-2010);

Clinical trials / Publications / Grants;
2021 Fellow of the JNIS, Editorial Team
Moderator at RSNA 2019;
University / Teaching